Financial Risk Advisory Services

If you do not actively attack the risks, they will actively
attack you

Tom Gilb

Our services in this area comprise of identification of financial risks in business as well as in individual financial contracts of the corporations.

The key part of the risk identification provided by FRSA Advisory is a complex assessment of the processes connected to financial risks, namely:

  • the origin of the risk / how the business transactions are being closed (Trade dept.)
  • changes of the risk / changes of the risk profile during the realization of the contract (Production and Purchase dept.)
  • recording of the risk / depicting of the impact of financial risks in the results of the company (Controlling dept.)

A part of the services provided are also suggestions and recommendations for strategy management changes so as to minimize risks and at the same time to limit accounting and tax impacts to the company.

Based on the business model and the internal processes of the company analysis we will:

  • make a complex and detailed identification of market risks
  • quantify impacts of financial risks into profit/loss and cash flow of the selected scenarios of exchange rates, interest rates, commodity development

We will propose:

  • processes improving quality of data needed for financial risks management
  • short- and long-term strategies of hedging financial risks with respect to their accounting and tax impacts
  • documentation needed for hedge accounting application (including computations of the prospective and retrospective tests of efficiency)
  • methodology of setting up the limits of financial risks and we will ensure their implementation
  • update of analytical and information tools in order to increase efficiency and to decrease costs of financial transactions

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