Financial modelling and pricing

Every model is wrong, but some are useful.“

George Box

Building of the high quality financial model is a demanding process which requires a selection of the correct model parameters and a detailed knowledge of current issues being solved. For the correct evaluation of the financial instrument is necessary not only the knowledge of the general evaluation model but also the knowledge of conventions, market conditions and the practical knowledge of financial instruments. Our experts have a long-term experience and they are ready to assist your company in preparation of the demanding transactions and evaluation of the financial instruments.

We offer the cash flow model processing and analysis of the input parameters for the purpose of:

  • Transactions evaluation
  • New investment opportunities evaluation
  • Other strategic purposes

We offer evaluation of the financial instruments and derivatives:

  • Setting up the value of the interest rate for various types of loans (irregular draw down/pay off)
  • Setting up the market value of investments
  • Evaluation of the foreign exchange forwards and foreign exchange swaps
  • Evaluation of the interest rate swaps and the cross-currency swaps

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